Welcome! If you are a BSSM student or involved with sozo and Bethel Church, please know this ministry loves you and prays for you. You are welcome here to browse this site. All the factual research on here has been conducted out of love for you with absolutely no financial gain. The research on this site is not merely anecdotal but research based on fact and careful study. Bethel Sozo Research does not hate any leaders or pastors at Bethel Church (no malice/ill-will toward them). We simply wish God's best for them - that they would change their deceptive ways and speak truthfully to people. If these leaders will not teach the Biblical truth about Christ's hypostatic union/divinity to the public, that is their free choice, but they must not call themselves 'Bible teachers' because that is not respecting the true Christian faith (Jude 1:3; Acts 4:12; 2 Cor. 11:4; Matt. 7:15; 1 John 4:1). Enjoy this site and God bless you! With love and civility, BSRJ

Sozo Testimonies

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  1. Is there anyone else out there whose daughter left to go to 'Bible School' at Bethel in Redding and never came home, who cut off ALL family and friends- even an 88 yr old grandmother who weeps for them?

    1. Yes I do believe there are so many families suffering from this, including my own. This is a tactic of the cults. You are not alone...Bethel "Church" has done a lot of damage to families. There is hope though- Will reply more later.

    2. In my experience, this Bethel Church sozo nonsense can divide apart families. I know, it is sad, but that is what cults do. Prayer can help! Peace to you!

  2. I went to a Sozo session and it ruined my marriage and possibly my relationship with my family. This practice is not deliverance but rather hypnosis. I now know this for sure as I am now a psychology student. There was much controversy surrounding this type of practice many years ago. If you need help speak to a specialist or talk to your pastor. Avoid Sozo at all cost.