Is Sozo a Christian Practice?

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Article dated August 21, 2012

Is sozo a Christian practice?

BSR wants you to make your informed decision for yourself based on all the research containing facts and truth that I have done for you out of service for you.  This website does not contain mere anecdotal evidence as it provides purely factual research!

Remember, just because something looks "good" or "nice" - or even if there are "nice" results - does not make it a good or Christian practice.  Always remember that Jesus said:

So, it is highly possible that something that looks good on the surface (like a sheep, if you will, pure and harmless) is not good at all (like a wolf, i.e., dangerous).

As Christians, we cannot afford to have blind trust and take all things at face value.  We must test all things:

This sounds ironic, I know, but the word sozo from the Greek origin (Strong's Concordance number 4982) literally means to "save, heal, preserve or rescue; to deliver out of danger and into safety".  Wherever there are false, deceptive, dangerous teachings, there is danger for the believer (2 John 1:11, etc).  Doesn't God call us to at least attempt to help rescue people from deceptive practices and teachings?  That is what the early Christians did:
"And others save [sozo] with fear, pulling them out of the fire..." (Jude 1:23)
Is sozo good?  May God answer this question for you as you pray, search this ministry's factual research and read the Word.

I will caution you to not trust in a practice invented at a cultic church.  It has been noted that the pastor, Bill Johnson, has no M.Div degree and is re-inventing his own version of "Christianity" to gain a multitude of followers ($$$).  Be careful.  

With love and civility,


  1. Hi there,

    I came across your website while conducting research into the background and practices of Sozo Prayer Ministry.

    After months of research I'm almost ready to publish. I'm seeking other researchers that can provide a peer review of my work. Is this something you might be interested in and amenable to?

    Thanks so much.

    P.S. I prefer not to disclose my email address on the Internet so if you have a general BSR email I can write to, that would be appreciated.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi, you can send to - thank you.

  2. Hi. I too am doing research on sozo. i am looking for information from within the movement and outside of it from individuals who have experienced a sozo session for themselves. I am wondering if the authors of this blog are talking from personal experience of having had a sozo or been a part of one, or if the information here is provided by someone outside of that experience? thanks!

    1. Hello Maggie! Yes research is based on personal experience...but most research is done by just getting public info. from Bethel's books, etc. Any more questions?


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